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Our director and lawyer, Alexander Alfano, has been leading top-notch training programs for professionals for over 10 years.

We are an institution composed of professionals in the fields of law and education. We are dedicated and committed to imparting our knowledge in a comprehensive and responsible manner. Our group of lawyers and paralegals is ready to address any concerns our students may have.

In compliance with the regulations of the Bar Associations in different states, our institute is supported by the law firm Financial Legal Group, Inc. Comprising licensed professionals with over 20 years of experience practicing in the states of Florida and New York, the District of Columbia, and Texas.

For us, training goes beyond simply conveying information. Our goal is to instill in each professional within our community a passion for serving and gaining a deeper understanding of legal issues and immigration processes.

Our Mission

To promote, through successful training programs, the integration of our distinguished experience and learning techniques that ensure the professional competencies required to succeed in the immigration field in the United States.


Why Train with Us:

Our director and lawyer, Alexander Alfano, is licensed in the states of Florida, New York, Washington DC, and Texas.

We have a highly qualified multidisciplinary team in the fields of law and education.

Our training programs are based on proprietary academic formulas that facilitate understanding and learning.

With over 10 years of experience, we have been training top professionals in the industry.

Financial assistance options are available to support your educational journey.

Estudiantes de Paralegal Institute con nuestro director y abogado Alexander Alfano

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Join our community of Spanish-speaking professionals in the United States who aspire to continue their professional growth by acquiring more knowledge and applying the best work techniques.